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Store Policy

Holds & Returns

We go by a first come first serve policy.

No items will be put on hold unless a deposit is made of 50% or more. 


Products are all final sale. 

If items are not picked up within 7 days, there will be a storage fee of $10 per day. 

Please respect this policy as we are continuously receiving new items on a weekly basis and do not have room to store purchased items.  

You are NOT able to purchase items directly from our website. 

We have an "Add to Cart" option out of convenience to save your items that interest you before coming in to take a look. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Planning to refurbish a hotel, office or home? We got you covered! the more items you purchase, the greater deal we can provide. 


We are consistently receiving new inventory and our items range from used and brand new. If you were interested in purchasing in bulk, give us a call at 416-910-0798 to know more about the items we currently have in stock. 

Pickups & Loading items

When purchasing items, it is the customers responsibility on how it is leaving the store. We can help load certain items into your vehicle depending on what specific item it is. If you need extra help, bringing someone with you is recommended. 

If a customer asks an employee to help load an item, it is not the employee or MLH Liquidations responsibility for any damages to the item or vehicle. 

We do not disassemble all products.  

Items must be paid before loading any items. 

Payment Methods

- Debit/Credit 

- Cash 

- NO E-Transfers 

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